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Chiru Ultra Brigade

Ultra-endurance DNA !


Who are the members of the Chiru Ultra Brigade?

The chiru Brigade brings together a handful of top-level amateur athletes, all of them ultra-cycling enthusiasts.
They take part in races and bike-packing events all year round, all over the world.
For them, two-wheeling is a way of life, whether on their own, with their family or as part of a group.
They recharge their batteries and find fulfillment by riding and surpassing themselves.
What do they have in common?
A taste for freedom and immersion in nature.

What is the mission of the members of the Chiru Ultra Brigade?

Live their passion to the full, have fun on two wheels and take part in the biggest ultra-endurance events.
Share their experiences with us!
They’re the ones who test our equipment and contribute their feedback to the ongoing optimization of our products.
They tell their stories on social networks and inspire through their blogs.
They are the embodiment of Chiru’s raison d’être.
Who better to talk about a Chiru than these extreme users?

Outstanding cyclists

Yannick Lutz

This Haut-Savoyard garden center manager and father of two covers over 30,000 km a year.
He’s always ready to try out a new setting or explore a new route in the company of Pierre-Arnaud.
Among the many exploits of this “quinca” is a circumnavigation of Mont Blanc in 12:27!

Ben Steurbaut

He lives on the north coast of the “flat country”, just a stone’s throw from Bruges.
Ben has two passions outside his family : ultra bike-packing and water sports.

Juliana Veterano Chiru Brigade

Juliana Veterano

Juliana was born and raised in Brazil, and has lived in many parts of the world to study and work until now.
She moved from Dubai to Girona in early 2024.
Triathlete, with 2 world championships, she is now concentrating on ultra
endurance cycling and gravel!

Matti Köster

Matti is an endurance coach and teacher.
He rides 6 days a week, all year round ! For a period of his life, he was forced to use a wheelchair due to a long illness, but this Bavarian rider makes the most of his freedom on the bike, and boasts an incredible track record in ultra-endurance.

Chiru Brigade
Chiru Brigade spain flag

Ignacio Pellejero

Born in Venezuela to Argentinean parents and raised in Spain, Nacho has always had a nomadic, adventurous spirit.
Today, after living in South America for five years, he returns home to Spain to join the PA-Cyling family and pursue his dream of pedaling around the world.

Manu Cattrysse

Manu, cycling is his life!
A bike mechanic, he travels by two-wheeler and enjoys the outdoors as much as possible with his wife and two boys (usually by bike :-).

Joachim Mendler

He has racked up countless kilometers and “ultra” podium finishes.
This native of Aix-en-Provence, a site manager in the green spaces sector, needs to be out in nature… and to continually push back his limits.

Kim Raeymaekers

When he’s not riding a Chiru, Kim is a freelance painter, a job that leaves him less time than he’d like for adventure, but enough to rack up an impressive list of achievements!

Pierre-Arnaud Le Magnan

Pierre-Arnaud is the founder of Chiru.
An adventurer and engineer, he collects adventure raids, ultra races and bikepacking adventures.
It was this passion that led him to Asia, where he finally settled and now runs two companies: Chiru Bikes and CEC Components (design and manufacture of spare parts).

Christophe Dijkmans

What could be more logical when you’re a geographer than to want to survey and contemplate all the earth’s diversity ?
Chris has chosen to do so by mountain bike and in ultra  mode! This freedom-loving native of Liège has a thirst for wide open spaces.

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