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Since 2009, we’ve been imagining, designing and manufacturing high-end titanium frames and components for demanding cyclists and ultra-endurance athletes.

In general, when you’re interested in Chiru Bikes, it’s because you’ve tried other brands before and your riding has become (very) sharp. We design bicycle frames and components to enable you to excel and live an exhilarating adventure.


Desire is the first stage of the journey. Visualizing a route, anticipating the key points, getting yourself in shape and preparing your bike meticulously are all part of the excitement of riding ahead! We imagine and design each frame as a base to build a bike dedicated to a bikepacking adventure or one of the world's most demanding ultra-cycling races. Then we test it on this course. Before offering it to you, we fine-tune it down to the last detail. Our goal: the perfect bike for every type of ride!


We love it when you find yourself pedaling longer, faster, and experiencing intense joy in the process.


Off the beaten track, you're one of a handful of cyclists who's always venturing further and further afield on their own, and who likes to experience intense sensations ! Knowing that you've achieved a little of this, thanks to us, is one of those little things that adds salt to our daily lives !


The CHIRU philosophy focuses on power transfer, comfort and reliability so you can perform and set the best time, or YOUR best time in Ultra-distance. All our technological and technical choices are aimed at producing the perfect bike to go further, faster and stronger ! #LongerStrongerFaster


The most intense memories are even more wonderful when shared ! Join the #ChiruBrigade and share your exploits, your joys and your dreams !


Our ambition: Innovation

The uniqueness of Chiru is undoubtedly the extraordinary personality of its founder, who has always imagined and designed the equipment that enables him to practice extreme sports at the highest world level. This French engineer and materials expert imagines and develops Chiru titanium frames and CEC carbon components to meet his highly exacting requirements as an ultra-endurance athlete.

With the Chiru Brigade, he then tests their suitability on the toughest races, taking all observations into account to fine-tune the models he puts on the market. Pierre-Arnaud le Magnan’s design office is the field! His passion: to innovate and break new ground!

Innovating for greater freedom

A reliable, high-performance machine gives you more freedom. What new challenge will you be setting yourself?

Innovating for greater comfort

In ultra-cycling, beyond lightness, comfort is a decisive factor in boosting performance: well positioned, with optimal vibration and shock reduction, your body tires less and you pedal farther.

Innovating to constantly push back the limits

Whether you’re setting off for 200km or 2000, your bike should allow you to push your limits. We pay extreme attention to everything that enables you to maximize your performance and make good use of the energy you expend.

Innovating to last

The exceptional build quality and meticulous engineering of our frames will give you thousands of miles of riding for years to come! Most of the frames in the Chiru range are highly customizable: as your riding changes, you can adapt your assembly choices and discover new sensations.

Innovating to create exceptional souvenirs

We design machines so that everyone can chart their own course and live life to the full!
The adrenalin of the descent, the sweat and determination of the effort, the fascination of a rising sun at the turn of a summit: we innovate for an exhilarating riding experience, and nothing is left to chance in the design of a Chiru.


BIKE PACKING Chiru style

Ultra-endurance and self-improvement.

Competitive at heart, Chiru Bike Packing is committed! Our bikes are machines for autonomous ultra-endurance. Whatever the distance, whatever the terrain, there’s a Chiru. Here’s an overview of our machines designed to travel the world.


Eat up the miles whatever the road conditions.

The Chiru Kunlun has been designed for the 7th edition of the Transcontinental Race 2019 (TCR), a mythical race of over 4400km across the roads of Europe. This bicycle frame kit owes its name to the Kunlun Mountains, home to the Chiru, our totem antelope. It’s capable of swallowing up kilometers at full throttle with great efficiency. The atypical shape of its stays has been designed to reduce vibrations and filter the impact of poor road conditions. A guarantee of comfort for long days in the saddle.


The choice of versatile mountain bikers

Chiru Divider is THE brand’s best-selling titanium frame. Why? Because it adapts to all your mountain bike projects! Tire size, fork type, rear wheel position adjustment: you configure it to suit your expeditions. Divider tackles technical trails as well as fast dirt roads. It has proved its worth on the Trans Germany, the Highland trail and, more recently, the French Divide. Its geometry accommodates a full-frame bag and up to five water bottles. Mudguard and luggage rack attachments are also included. Pure Bike Packing DNA!


The wandering gravel frame inspired by La baroudeuse Unpaved.

You’ll love the perfect geometry of this vagabond designed for self-sufficient ultra-distance riding. Suitable for 700c or 650B wheels, single or double chainring and 40 mm front suspension fork. It also allows you to attach soft luggage, a mudguard if you wish, and up to three water bottles to the frame. Everything is designed to optimize your equipment and make your two-wheeled adventure an incredible memory. The VAGUS AVENTURE version is more suited to rougher trails.


A drop-bar MTB frame designed for independent adventure.

Designed and tested during the 2018 edition of Silk Road Mountain Race #1, the KEGETI is named after the first pass of this extreme race: the grueling Kegeti Pass at 3700m altitude in Kyrgyzstan. Emblematic of the Chiru range, the Kegeti is the ultimate machine for ultra-endurance cycling adventures. This drop-bar mountain bike features geometry designed for long-distance comfort and control on technical terrain. It can be fitted with a drop bar or MTB-style straight handlebar. KEGETI is also available with a PINION integrated gearbox for peace of mind (maintenance every 10,000km).

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