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The magic of titanium, combined with CHIRU innovations, is available in a range of frame kits for long-distance riding and bike-packing, but not only…. At CHIRU, we have an eye for detail and subtle distinctions for discerning adventurers. Whether you’re a road or alpine cyclist, we’ve probably got the bike of your dreams. The tool below shows you our complete range according to the substrate and tire choice that suits your practice.

What is your practice?

Road tires
Quick surface
More comfort or faster off-roading
Steeper, more technical slope
Mountain bike tire
Technical trail


Degraded asphalt / Pavement

Clay / Gravel track

Light gravel

Hard gravel

Single track

Single track Alpine

5 good reasons to choose a titanium frame

Road, all-road, gravel or mountain bike: the frame is the centerpiece of a bikepacking bike. Cyclists are often tempted to choose carbon for its lightness. But those who have actually experienced ultra-distance cycling know that lightness is not the dominant criterion.

5 key points for ultra biking performance

Whatever the substrate, there are a number of points to bear in mind before embarking on a bike-packing adventure

High-tech titanium frame tubes

Our philosophy is simple: a mount that has to travel far, long and fast has to be gentle on its rider (and not the other way around!). This obsession with comfort is reflected in the shaping of our titanium tubes.

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