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Titanium frames for adventurers.

Visit Chiru Bikes at the Avignon Vélo Passion show!

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Visit Chiru Bikes at the Avignon Vélo Passion show!

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The genesis of the brand


Chiru Divider Pinion, the disruptive baroudeur

Focus on a bike designed to win the French Divide

When you set out to cover thousands of kilometers on your own, you want to be able to rely on your equipment. The Divider Pinion titanium frame has been designed to free the cyclist from any maintenance or upkeep constraints, allowing him or her to concentrate on the experience, the feel and the performance. That’s why this frame is equipped with a sealed Pinion gearbox.

With a gearbox transmission protected from mud, water and impurities, the Divider can devour more than 10,000 kilometers without maintenance! The geometry is the same: the frame holds three five-bottle bottles, and the top tube is deliberately curved to accommodate the luggage – a generously sized frame bag whose fasteners are already integrated into the frame for a perfect look and fit. Lighting cables have also been routed. In fact, like the rest of the Chiru range, the PINION DIVIDER has been designed to free the bike packer from material constraints and allow him to concentrate on his experience. It can be fitted with tires from 29 “x2.0 to 29 “x2.8” .

What an adventurer
are you?

If you’ve reached these pages, you’re already a demanding cyclist and a seasoned athlete: what’s your playing field? What kind of adventure are you planning? Here’s an overview of our models to help you find your Chiru.

5 good reasons to choose a titanium frame

Road, all-road, gravel or mountain bike: the frame is the centerpiece of a bikepacking bike. Cyclists are often tempted to choose carbon for its lightness. But those who have actually experienced ultra-distance cycling know that lightness is not the dominant criterion.

5 key points for ultra biking performance

Whatever the substrate, there are a number of points to bear in mind before embarking on a bike-packing adventure

High-tech titanium frame tubes

Our philosophy is simple: a mount that has to travel far, long and fast has to be gentle on its rider (and not the other way around!). This obsession with comfort is reflected in the shaping of our titanium tubes.

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