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Why choose a titanium frame?

Our philosophy is simple: a bike that has to travel far, long and fast has to be gentle on its rider (and not the other way around !). This obsession with comfort is reflected in the profiling of our titanium tubes.

The nobility and sublime beauty of grade 9 titanium

Titanium is beautiful! YES, let’s face it, aesthetics is a criterion of choice. Enjoying the view as much as the bike is part of the experience. Especially since in ultra-distance, you spend a lot of time with your mount. So you might as well set your sights on something you admire. Contemplating the unique reflections of light on the hand-brushed bare titanium tubes of a CHIRU steed brings a sense of fulfillment before or after exertion. The colorimetric neutrality of CHIRU titanium frames is deliberate. It allows for unique customization thanks to infinite color combinations, and its raw material beauty is timeless. A titanium Chiru frame, for example, is a perfect match for anodized peripherals combined with leather saddle and bar tape.

Behavior: the unparalleled dynamic properties of a titanium frame

Titanium is the material of choice for optimal implementation of our ultra-cycling frame design philosophy (comfort at the heart of performance). Why? Because the mechanical properties of the titanium we use provide a perfect balance between torsional rigidity for power transfer and vertical flex to absorb the effects of the terrain. These mechanical properties, combined with the ability to filter high-frequency vibrations, give titanium a dynamic and comfortable feel that no other ultra-distance material can offer.

Titanium is unalterable

This material takes its name from the Titans of Greek mythology! Out Durability is an important criterion in a plethoric market where new models are constantly springing up, undercutting their predecessors. At Chiru, our frames are guaranteed for life! Our short range is cutting-edge and allows us to meet the behavioral expectations of each ultra cyclist according to his or her personal riding style. It’s no coincidence that cutting-edge industries such as aeronautics, where reliability and safety are paramount, choose titanium: its inalterability and mechanical and chemical properties make it an unrivalled fatigue and impact resistant material. The titanium surface of our frames is permanently protected by a layer of titanium dioxide, a real armor against the abrasive and corrosive effects of weather and sweat!

Choosing a durable material

Although titanium is energy-intensive to manufacture, scrap material from the manufacturing process can now be recycled and re-injected into the production cycle. Recycling processes are emerging, particularly in Europe, to reduce the production of primary ore. For the cyclist, the choice of a CHIRU titanium frame is a responsible choice, far from “fast fashion”. On the one hand, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and on the other, a damaged titanium frame can be invisibly repaired and returned to its original performance without any extra weight. Finally, to remove superficial scratches, all you need is a good brushing and a little energy.

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