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Yannick Lutz

This Haut-Savoyard garden center manager and father of two travels over 30,000 km a year. He’s always happy to try out a new frame or explore a new route with Pierre-Arnaud. Among the many exploits of this “quinca” is a circumnavigation of Mont Blanc in 12:27!

Why Chiru ?

In my opinion, these are the best titanium frames. They are incomparable for their performance/comfort ratio.

Chirus favorites

Kegeti for gravel, the best compromise between comfort and performance. Kunlun for road use.

How often do you ride ?

Every day. I ride my bike to work, and at weekends I either take part in competitions or just ride for fun !

Your favorite bike-packing/ultra-endurance adventure to date ?

Crossing Finland in winter.

What's your dream ride ?

Crossing Norway.

When you ride, what's your greatest pleasure ?

Enjoy nature and landscapes you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see !


Recordman Tour du Mont Blanc


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