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Chiru Brigade

Juliana Veterano

Juliana Veterano Chiru Brigade

Juliana was born and raised in Brazil, moved around the globe for studies and work, and relocated from Dubai to Girona in 2024.
A triathlete, with 2 world championships (finishes), who is now focused on ultra endurance and gravel cycling!

Why Chiru ?

I always dreamed of having a titanium bike that would be my forever bike for my long distance adventures. I saw Chiru in a short movie done by Ryan Garrec of Manu, and loved the look!

Chirus favorites

Vagus: the geometry, the clean minimalistic look, the matte black carbon fork completes the look, and of course how dynamic it is for all types of gravel!

How often do you ride ?

During the week, I do short(er) rides (1-2hrs) because I have to work. So it is more focused on interval training sessions. On weekends, I got more time to do my long endurance rides. so pretty much every day. Some weekdays I try to hit the gym to build some muscle to help me get stronger…

Your favorite bike-packing/ultra-endurance adventure to date ?

The Migration Race was a resounding success. Cycling on virgin terrain with zebras, giraffes, elephants, buffaloes, etc. was magical! At night, in the campsites, you could hear the lions and hyenas. Do you dare leave your tent to pee? I don’t think so haha, that said, I also have to mention the Andes in Chile, because the women’s cycling community there is magical. I’ve never seen such a close-knit group of women. It was really cool to be part of the race and I’m planning to go back in 2024!

What's your dream ride ?

I would love to take a year off and just ride my bike anywhere, everywhere.

When you ride, what's your greatest pleasure ?

The wind in my face, the feeling of freedom, seeing new places, new cultures. Also, to clear my mind. Especially with gravel, where you have to constantly pay attention to the ground and pick your lane, avoid rocks, there is no time to allow any “chit chat” in your head. Cycling is a major part of my mental hygiene.


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