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Pierre-Arnaud Le Magnan

Pierre-Arnaud is the founder of Chiru. An adventurer and engineer, he collects adventure raids, ultra races and bikepacking adventures. It was this passion that led him to Asia, where he finally settled and now runs two companies: Chiru Bikes and CEC Components (design and manufacture of spare parts).

Why Chiru ?

My passion for surpassing myself and for freedom has often taken me to hostile, remote areas. Hence my requirement for equipment reliability, comfort and efficiency. That’s why I created Chiru.

Chirus favorites

All of them! There’s a Chiru for every type of cycling I do every day.

How often do you ride ?

Between 4 and 6 times a week.

Your favorite bike-packing/ultra-endurance adventure to date ?

A 10-day adventure for 3 in 2015, in the foothills of the Tibetan plateau between the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, 1500km, passes at 5000m, and that feeling of freedom.

What's your dream ride ?

A timeless journey that will leave you with lifelong memories, a human adventure mixed with breathtaking scenery.

When you ride, what's your greatest pleasure ?

The unknown, in all its aspects, both in the encounters you can make, but also in the inner quest, the surpassing of limits, drawing from the depths of yourself and pushing back your limits.




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