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Manu Cattrysse

Manu, cycling is his life ! A bike mechanic, he travels by two-wheeler and enjoys the outdoors as much as possible with his wife and two boys (usually by bike :-).

Why Chiru ?

Because its DNA is endurance and adventure. I love Chiru because they’re not afraid to think outside the box, which translates into details that put functionality first. And of course, because they’re so beautiful.

Chirus favorites

Divider for off-piste riding, which I love ! And Kunlun, with which I’m currently training on the road. If we put into perspective what the bike is made for – riding long days and nights with many hours in the saddle – its enormous comfort and agility make it a fast bike over the long term because it works like a perfect filter between the road and my body. Less fatigue = more speed.

How often do you ride ?

6 days a week.

Your favorite bike-packing/ultra-endurance adventure to date ?

My first solo trip, eight months cycling in South America. It was while crossing the high Andes and Patagonia, all the way to Ushuaia, that I first experienced the unparalleled feeling of traveling by bike.

What's your dream ride ?

The Divide Tower. Mainly because of the experience it brings. The scenery is absolutely magnificent and varied, but it’s above all the interaction with the locals that makes the hike so unique.

When you ride, what's your greatest pleasure ?

Discover new places and recharge my batteries. Every time I get on my bike, I love the feeling of just being, without thinking about what’s going on in everyday life. I like to come home a better version of myself. I like to take part in bikepacking events to challenge myself and experience adventure.


Divide Tower


Highland Trail 550


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