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Mendler Joachim

We’ve lost count of the number of kilometers and “ultra” podiums to his credit. This native of Aix-en-Provence, a site manager in the green spaces sector, needs to be out in nature… and to continually push back his limits.

Why Chiru ?

I opted for Chiru titanium frames because they’re the most robust and efficient for ultra-distance riding.

Chirus favorites

Kegeti Monstercross because when I’m on it, I can go anywhere, from road to single track.

How often do you ride ?

Every day : velotaf on weekdays, ultra the rest of the time.

Your favorite bike-packing/ultra-endurance adventure to date ?

The French Divide !

What's your dream ride ?

A transcontinental route from Aix to Hong Kong !

When you ride, what's your greatest pleasure ?

The magic of encounters with wildlife and feeling alive ! Ultra biking is an essential part of my identity. My sport also determines my lifestyle.


French Divide


La Baroudeuse Maximus


Race Across France


Race Across France


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