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Silk Road Mountain Race 2022

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1st place Duo for Matti Koster and his Divider.

A member of the Chiru Brigade, Matti took part in the Silk Road Mountain Race ( August 12 – 27, 2022 ) in the duo category with his usual team-mate Michele Miani. This unassisted race takes place in Kyrgyzstan over 1,900 km and 37,000 m of ascent, on gravel trails, single-track and old Soviet-era roads.

The difficulty of this event, apart from the altitude, is mainly due to the rugged nature of the trails, the scarcity of refreshment points and the need to push your bike over passes, and even down them.

It was without counting on their extraordinary determination and mutual support that these 2 athletes went to the end of the challenge, despite serious intestinal problems that appeared just before kick-off…

After 10 days and 12 hours of epic adventure, our 2 friends crossed the finish line in Bishkek in 6th place overall and 1st in the duo category.

Matti’s Chiru Divider has been designed for these ultra adventures, providing both comfort and pedaling efficiency to maximize daily mileage progression. Ultra-reliable, this platform is also designed to allow you to ride without a derailleur in the event of derailleur damage.