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Atlas Mountain Race #2

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4th time for Chris and his Kegeti Full titanium.

Well done to Chris Dijkmans, who finished 4th in the Atlas Mountain Race after 4 days on a 1,200 km course full of obstacles!

After a break in the race due to a river too dangerous to cross, Chris, then in2nd position, set off again with the main pack of riders. Counters reset to zero, a new race is on.

It was then a ride without respite for the contenders for the podium, all highly motivated, they evolved in a handkerchief throughout the race!

Intensity is at its highest on this type of self supported races of 1,200 km. As a member of the Chiru Brigade, Chris was able to ride his specially-assembled Kegeti to the max, with its titanium fork for maximum vibration filtration and optimized comfort in “full-rigid” mode.

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