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Iberica Traversa 2021

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1st place and record for Kim Raeymaekers and his Kegeti.

1st to join the Chiru Brigade in 2019, Kim took part in the Iberica Traversa (September 2021), starting from Pamplona and crossing the whole of Spain on gravel tracks, a journey of 1,780 km and 30,000 m of ascent.

The difficulty of this event, apart from the constant heat, is mainly due to the very mountainous nature of the course, with rare re-supply on the southern part. The walking sections are few, but very physical, and some of the descents are very rocky.

After 160 hours of pedaling, Kim arrived in Tarifa in1st place, setting a new record for this route.

Kim’s Chiru Kegeti was designed for these ultra adventures, and provides both comfort and pedaling efficiency to maximize daily mileage progression. Ultra-reliable, Kim has equipped his bike with flat handlebars and aerobars, enabling him to ride more precisely on the technical sections and position himself comfortably on the long, rolling stretches.

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