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Volcano 2 Sprint 2020

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5th place for Kim Raeymaekers and his Kunlun.

Kim took part in the second edition of the 2 Volcano Sprint ( October 2020 ) from Mount Vesuvius to Mount Etna in Sicily. A 1,060 km, 21,000 m elevation gain road cycling odyssey, unassisted, along the Amalfi coast, crossing the Apennine mountains before reaching the island of Sicily.

Set off at a frenetic pace, these 1,000 km races are completed by the fastest riders with very little downtime, and in some cases no sleep at all. After a few hours on the bike, Kim wasn’t feeling at his best, with lower-back pain hampering his progress. This is often the daily life of the ultra-cyclist, coping with inconveniences, adapting to the unexpected… So it’s not at his best that Kim finds himself forced to stop for a few hours’ restorative sleep, allowing him to catch his second wind. Drinking lots of coffee, and in a “must finish” mindset, Kim continues all the way to the finish line.

After 60 hours and 55 minutes of pedaling, Kim came in 5th place, just a few hours behind the world’s bikepacking elite.

Kim’s Chiru Kunlun was designed for those ultra-road adventures, providing both comfort and pedaling efficiency to maximize daily mileage progression. Kim’s bike is fitted with aerobars, giving him a comfortable position for front support on long, rolling stretches.

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