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Divide 2022 Tour

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2nd place and 7th place for the Chiru Brigade.

Setting off from Banff in Canada, Manu Cattrysse and Ben Steurbaut completed their North-South crossing of the USA after pedaling for 15 days and 8 hours and 16 days and 4 hours respectively.

We’re very proud to count these 2 extraordinary athletes among the Chiru Brigade, who have both chosen the Chiru DIVIDER to tackle this legendary 4400 km course.

This 2-wheeled odyssey is much more than a simple bikepacking adventure, it’s the adventure of a lifetime! Even if the route is never very technical, nature always has something in store for you, with snow and mud making the paths impassable! Getting to the end of this adventure is in itself an immense victory over oneself.

The Chiru Divider has been designed for these ultra adventures, providing both comfort and pedaling efficiency to maximize daily mileage progression. Ultra-reliable, this platform is also designed to allow you to ride without a derailleur in the event of derailleur damage.

Have a good rest!