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French Divide #2

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Pierre-Arnaud le Magnan, founder of Chiru Bikes, has just completed his 1st participation in the French Divide ( 2,200km, 33,000m D+ ), a bikepacking adventure lasting 9 days 12 hours and 52 minutes.

Setting off in the 1st wave (the 3 waves follow each other at 24-hour intervals), Pierre-Arnaud was able to taste the joys of solitude on his CHIRU Divider from day 3, as he was never caught by his pursuers until the finish in Mendionde.

“I never thought I’d experience such a complete change of scenery, and this cycling adventure is once again allowing me to push back my own limits, as well as those of the bikes I imagine for these events. I have no regrets about my choice of drivetrain for this route: no maintenance stops on the transmission, it’s incomparably reliable. Chiru has reached a turning point in his quest for Ultra Endurance technology. In fact, the use of titanium instead of carbon for frames dedicated to Ultra Distance has many advantages that are now being validated in the field. Expect many new 100% Titanium creations from Chiru, as we continue to imagine frames designed specifically for each type of bikepacking event – it’s our R&D lab! “

Pierre-Arnaud is equipped with Carbon Endurance Component, Magura, Syntace, Oveja Negra. CL Brake pads, Time Pedals.

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