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MB Race 2011

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After a grueling day lasting almost 9 hours, CHIRU rider Travis Macy finished 2nd (11 mins behind the winner) in what is reputed to be one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world (140 km and 6,600 m D+). Over 500 runners travelled to Mégeve at the foot of Mont-Blanc to test their resilience on the 50, 70, 100 and 140 kms courses.

It should be noted that the weather conditions only allowed 6 runners to get through the final time barrier, which had been brought forward by the threat of thunderstorms.

Travis rode for the first time his CHIRU PULSE, a 29-inch semi-rigid carbon mountain bike specifically designed for endurance racing.

The American rider was racing in the French Alps for the 1st time: “I’ll remember it as a very difficult event, but one that was grandiose in terms of the scenery. Despite a crash on the 1st descent, I had a Dantesque day on the PULSE, which is a machine with imperial performance and comfort on this type of event.”

Pierre-Arnaud LE MAGNAN, the founder of CHIRU, took 3rd place in the Master 2 70 km race after a braking system failure left him with a big scare after narrowly avoiding a fall into a ravine.

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