Tapalpa, Jalisco – Rom Akerson and Suzie Snyder captured the ninth of 10 races on the inaugural XTERRA Pan America Tour at XTERRA Mexico in Tapalpa this morning.

The two long-time XTERRA elites also won XTERRA Dominican Republic last week, and its Snyder’s fourth victory of 2016.

Back at Los Reflejos, a beautiful venue high up in the mountains, the race went on with Branden Rakita leading the elite men’s contenders out of the warm waters of Lago San Juan , an altitude lake and a swim with no wetsuit  followed by a tough battle on the bike for the means Elite, Rom managed to pen up a gap at the end of the bike leg and hold on to this advantage until the finish line.

In the women's field Suzie Snyder nailed the another win this season, but only by a mere second as Myriam Guillot came back from behind to out-sprint her !! a Very exciting finish indeed !! 

“I didn’t see Mimi behind her until she appeared on the last, short downhill trail which hits the straight jeep trail leading to the finish,” said Snyder.  “I wouldn’t have known who it was if I hadn’t recognized the yellow bands on the bottom of her CHIRU-MAGURA shorts.” 

It took every ounce of energy Snyder had to hold off Guillot-Boisset for the one-second win.

Guillot-Boisset, who came off the bike more than five-minutes behind Snyder, said “I love running. I started the run fast and caught Fabiola (Corona) in the middle of the first lap and after that I had no expectations because I had no idea where Suzie was. Then at the end of the second-lap at the little downhill I saw Suzie…I just needed another 10 meters.  Next time.”

After her finishing  winning the first 2 races of the Pan Am pro Series 2016, and finishing 2nd 2 times in a row those past few days, Team CHIRU-Magura Myriam Guillot is now 2nd  place of the Pan Am Pro Series !

Akira Mimasu