XTERRA Europe vice-Champion 2016

Zittau, Germany (August 20, 2016) – Three-time XTERRA World Champion Ruben Ruzafa from Spain and Michelle Flipo from Mexico captured the XTERRA European Championship elite titles today in Zittau, Germany.

It’s the fourth win in a row for Ruzafa on the Euro Tour this year and the second straight for Flipo.

The weatherman was almost wrong.  Instead of a postcard perfect day, we started with clouds and sprinkles of rain.  But try as it did – by start time it was warm, a bit of a breeze and close to perfect conditions.  With a water temp of 22.5C there were no wetsuits for anyone.  Pro men and women got a healthy start of 3-minutes on age group men with another gap of 3-minutes to age group women.  After a bit, XTERRA lite took off.

For the women it was no contest with Michelle Flipo way out in front nearly two minutes ahead of points leader Brigitta Poor.  Renata Bucher was quick along with Carina Wasle and young French woman Morgane Riou. Myriam Guillot-Boisset was back 3’50” and many time champion Helena Erbenova was over 4 minutes back from Flipo and 2 minutes from the other women with a lot of age groupers to pass.

Flipo was fighting with the men pros and had over a minute on Brigitta but Renata looked good, Carina was quick passing some men on a short hill and Morgane was back a few minutes with Louise Fox. Myriam Guillam-Boisset was now at 3’30” and Helena still over 4’ from the leader.
“I knew the other girls might be stronger on the bike so I rode hard the whole way” said Michelle Flipo.  “I did not save anything for the run and I was really tired and hurting.”

What she did not know and what we did not expect was that Team CHIRU-MAGURA Myriam Guillot-Boisset was having the ride of her life and put in the fastest bike time.  Then she proceeded to run the quickest of all the women and pulled within 22 seconds of the winner.  Another K and we may have had a different result !!

Myriam Finished again very strong and is very happy of her 2nd place as she proves very fast on the bike and run, she is now European vice-Champion !!


1- Michelle FLIPO      2:54:47
2- Myriam GUILLOT  2:55:09
3- Brigitta POOR        2:58:03

Myriam GUILLOT is supported by CHIRU, MAGURA, SKINFIT, HOPE.

Akira Mimasu