They did it once ( 2011 )..... they trained even harder....they just did it again !!

Team THULE won the 2013 Adventure racing World Championship in Costa Rica !!!

An incredible performance and hats off to those incredible athletes for racing non stop for more than 7 days and cover the 815 kms of the toughest race they have completed so far. 

Few teams have ever gone to such extremes of endurance to earn their champion's title. With only 1 hour of sleep / day for 1 week, one team mate lost it towards the end not knowing where he was or the name of his teammates and not wanting to move can wonder why they want to do it again !!!

“I think it is harder to win the second time,” Mimi said. “It is difficult to stay at the top and we were determined to show we were not lucky in Tasmania when we won our first title– that we were well organised and motivated. Then we did not do so well in France last year and were desperately disappointed as the race was in our country. That made us even more determined to win this year.”

It was an historic win too, as they are the first team to win the AR World Title twice. There have been some individual double winners before, but never under the same team name. And for Jackie Boisset, Mimi Guillot and Stuart Lynch it was their second world title. (Lynch won with Orion Health in 2008 in Brazil – he must like racing in tropical conditions!)

CHIRU bikes is a proud partner of the team and we are very happy that all the energy and passion we put in designing bikes had helped the team to claim the world champ title again of the probably toughest endurance sport of our time !! This clearly confirms that since its inception 4 years ago, the dedication of CHIRU brand to endurance riding was spot-on and this title comforts our position of pioneer on this highly specific and demanding market of Endurance racing. TEAM THULE rides the CHIRU PULSE 29er and the LAKTIK 26er

Akira Mimasu