2017 MB race

Combloux, France- July 1st.

Julien Saussac, masterize the 70 km course !

After 4h48mn15sec, Julien Saussac ( team CycleTyres ) is the first to finish the 70 km course, 9mn38 ahead of Emeric Turcat, and 15mn31 of Pierrick Kersuzan. Despite not being an MTB endurance specialist, Julien hanged on since the start and rode his Chiru Rangi-Rangi along in the front with Swiss superstar and winner of the 140km: Urs Huber. But today's conditions, cold, mud, slippery track and toughness of the tracks pushed him to stop at the 70km mark:

 « My target was the 100km race, but for my first MB race, i confirm the course is very tough !! Physically, I was not able to keep on pushing for another 70km in those conditions, so I choose to stop and I am very happy to win the 70km race. I have another couple of races ahead of me this season with the French National Championship next week, so I am looking forward to my next challenges now!! " Said Saussac.

70km – Men
1. Julien SAUSSAC (FRA) – 4h48mn15sec
2. Emeric TURCAT (FRA) – 4h57mn53sec
3. Pierrick KERSUZAN (FRA) – 5h03mn46sec

Team Cycle-Tyres is supported by CHIRU Bikes.

pierre le magnan