Returning from Phillipines Xterra, Charlie Epperson continues his quest on the XTERRA Asian pro tour with a new adventure at Guam XTERRA Championship on april 11th.

Before Charlie moved to Singapore, he's been leaving and racing in Guam for quite a while, so here is his pre-race report : “On Friday night as triathletes enjoyed a pre-race dinner or made some last minute adjustments to their bikes, XTERRA Guam race director Eric Tydingco was struggling with a tough decision. After avoiding a series of typhoons spinning in the Northern Pacific Ocean the last two weeks, Guam was not spared the rain that set in on Tuesday and never let up. By 6pm the night before the race, Tydingco made what would ultimately be the best decision for the race- find an alternate course that would allow racers to ride vs hike-a-bike. Tydingco’s team worked quickly to establish an alternate course that would avoid a majority of the rain soaked red dirt that defines most of XTERRA Guam’s bike course."

Charlie race comment : "Happy to finish 5th on a muddy day. My legs weren't there in the end to chase anyone down, but I wasn't that fresh since I bowl on Friday nights as well. Rewarding course to race no matter the conditions! "

Well done, and keep it up for the last race of the series in Langkawi Malaysia !!

Results XTERRA GUAM 2015, PRO MALE :
1- Ben Allen
2- Bradley Weiss
3-Takahiro Ogasawara
4- Markus Benesch
5- Charlie Epperson

Akira Mimasu